Local singer Janie Bay continues to promote her latest album ‘Miscellany’ and after releasing the hits ‘Better Off’, ‘Wag Vir Jou’ and ‘The Fear Inside’, the star has opted to release the Afrikaans track ‘Koning’ as the album’s next single. The track has recently started impacting radio stations across the country and today, the singer has released the official music video to the track.

The indie folk song continues to show off Janie’s soothing vocal ability and her sonic direction is something different, refreshing and entertaining. Lyrically, the song is about a relationship which has lost its spark and is a different approach to your typical break-up song. “Relationships don’t always work out, and they don’t always end badly,” Janie tells us. “‘Koning’ is from a [straight] girl’s point of view; and even though the relationship didn’t work out, you can still see the guy in a good light.”

Janie has just released a simple yet beautifully romantic video for the song and tapped local actor Arno Greef as her leading man. “For the video, I just really wanted to create a happy, real couple story. I felt this was the right feel for this upbeat Afrikaans song,” Janie says. “Arno Greeff is an incredibly talented actor and I had great time working with him and on my acting chops. Super fun experience!”

‘Koning’ is available on Janie’s new album ‘Miscellany’ which is now available in store and on your favourite digital music service.

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