It’s been such a journey watching Easy Freak’s evolution over the past few years. The duo, made up of Dom Hurd and Jude Kenrick have continuously pushed their creative boundaries with their music and have been enjoying the experimentation phase over the past few months. The duo’s recent single ‘Good Times’ became a hit on local radio and today, the group has released two brand new singles titled ‘Plans’ and ‘Stars’.

Both songs were written a couple months ago. Since these Durban natives’ move to Johannesburg, they have been inspired by their new surroundings to put pen to paper and have written a great deal of new material. ‘Plans’ was written after they watched an interview with rapper ASAP Rocky and found it amazing how confident and bold he was. ‘Stars’ came together one morning when Dom had been working on the production of a track and Jude had written lyrics and melody – and they both just fit together perfectly.

“We have so much new music that we’re incredibly excited about right now. Our sound is naturally evolving and we really want our fans to hear our new material. ‘Plans’ is an up-beat track and ‘Stars’ is a much more chilled track that hits you in the feels – we think that’s a nice contrast for our fans,” the group says in a statement. “It’s always nerve-wrecking putting music out there, but we’ve been received with so much love in our previous releases and we can’t wait for people to hear our new tracks. We feel that it’s some of our best material yet and a great lead up to our upcoming album that we’re planning on releasing soon.”

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