Jethro Tait has fast-become one of Mzansi’s hottest pop sensations. He has dominated the local airwaves this year. His collaboration with Pascal & Pearce, ‘Running Wild’ became a radio phenomenon and hid debut solo single ‘One For The Books (A.U.I)’ gave fans a glimpse of the material one could expect on his new chapter. Now, Jethro has teamed up with BigStar Johnson for his new single ‘Burn Me’.

For this single, Jethro was inspired by Robin Thicke. He laid down the guitars and started building a beat around it, with the chorus melody and line ‘I don’t wanna run the risk of getting close to you’ following soon. When he took the song into the Universal Music South Africa studios, producers Noble heard and reproduced the song giving it an entirely new sonic direction which incorporates both pop and urban influences.

“‘Burn Me’ is about a girl who seems perfect on paper but who you’ve heard one too many bad stories about, and rather than risk getting hurt you make the decision to call it off before things go too far,” Jethro tells us.

The song features BigStar Johnson, who has just released his debut album ‘Me & Mines’, who gives his signature flair to the song. The rapper incorporates a well-written melodic rap into the song and continues to prove he is one of the most diverse rappers in the country right now. “It was awesome working with BigStar Johnson! I’ve been a fan of his for a long time! He’s got such a great tone as a rapper and his style is reminiscent of the old school greats like Tupac and Biggie. He’s also very musical! After hearing his verse for the first time I knew we had something great,” Jethro continues.

BigStar Johnson adds that when he first heard the song, he knew it was something he wanted to be a part of. “‘Burn Me’ is what I believe the sound of today should be: Modern and wavey infused with our African imprint,” the rapper shares. “Jethro is an awesome artist and an even better person and I couldn’t be more honoured to jump on something this dope and this diverse with him.”

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