After announcing a new deal with Universal Music South Africa last month, Tellaman dropped a blazing hot single titled ‘No Sharing’. The song went on to become a radio banger and now, the star has released the track’s official music video.

‘No Sharing’, the lead single off the star’s upcoming album, was written and produced in March 2018. The inspiration for the song came from a lot of different things which the star was going through at the time while the sonic inspiration birthed from what he was listening to at the time.

“If you love to dance, then this song is what you need on your playlist. I’m all about positive vibes as my fans know, so you can expect a lot of love and good energy. It’s definitely something you haven’t heard in African music,” the singer tells us about the song.

The music video, which dropped today, directed by Kyle White from South Africa and Logan Meis from Los Angeles. The video was shot in Johannesburg at a local gym and focuses on a couple who goes out dancing with their friends at an underground party, which visually portrays the upbeat song about love.

“The concept fits perfectly with the song because music is not about the lyrics only; it’s also about the instruments and how all these things make you feel when combined. NO SHARING is a happy, love song and people will see and feel that when they are watching the music video,” Tellaman continues.

Watch the sexy music video here:

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