He’s one of the biggest acts in local music and a champion supporter of the local music space but over the past few years, Slikour has slipped into a depression and it wasn’t until recently that he accepted that fact and made an effort to get himself out of the rut he was feeling.

In a recent interview with Riky Rick, the rapper revealed that although he has made such an impact on the local music industry and was a successful businessman, he constantly felt like he was never good enough. After a while, he released that he was suffering from depression. “I knew I wasn’t taking time, I stopped loving things, a lot of people don’t know that, I just feel like: ‘Argh I’m tired’…maybe I needed a break ten years ago, but I was also tired but I never knew, I never knew I was depressed also,” Slikour shared. “I was depressed…now that I know what it was…I never knew in 2010 that I was depressed, 2011 to twelve, I just needed to get away from everything, but I just thought that I’m just tired.”

Naturally, the depression filtered into every aspect of his life and the star reveals that there came a time when he felt like bowing out of the entertainment industry. “Because I was vocal, I was almost leading this hip-hop world at the time, I was part of the spokesperson for it, I felt that I couldn’t feed that beat anymore, I felt that if I came out and said anything people would see…it’s like I’ve been putting on this facade…so I felt that maybe I needed to die silently and people need to forget about me and maybe because I needed to survive, let me find something else on the side…” the rapper says.

However, the rapper took some time to deal with his depression head on and reconnected with his family and friends which, essentially, helped him reconnect with his career. “I needed to start thinking like I was starting again, I needed to think like I never had money…I needed to think about what was it like when I was just waking up to bread, peanut butter and jam every day…I needed to get my thoughts in that process because that’s when it was just me and I was happy with nothing because now I had an expectation and entitlement but no one cared when I was eating bread and butter in my mother’s house when I wasn’t paying anybody anything,” he shares. “I needed to start thinking like that again, which was humbling it was painful, it was frustrating, it felt like I was useless…”

We’re glad industry greats like Slikour have started speaking out about depression and educating the country that it could happen to anyone and that it’s not something to be ashamed of. We’re glad the star is feeling better and we hope he shares more of his experiences soon.

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