Sam Burger is no stranger to the local music scene. He is a part of the wildly successful pop group Opposite The Other which has released a string of hits such as ‘Stutter Love’, ‘My Body Moves’ and ‘Everybody Knows’ and opened for international acts The Lumineers and Bastille on their South African tours. Now, Sam has embarked on a new solo venture as he explores a new, softer sound under the stage name ‘A Year On Earth’.

This week, the singer released the first body of work from his A Year On Earth project. On the record, Sam explores what it means to be human in this world through the songs he writes. “All I really want to do is write the best songs I can, and as many as I can without overthinking it too much. Anything else that happens is a bonus”, says Sam.

‘A Year On Earth’ sees Sam take a different approach and a big change in sound to what he was doing with ‘Opposite The Other’, which says a lot about him as an artist. With a lot of his songs being piano-driven, ballad-style tracks, he single-handedly writes, records, produces and even creates the lyric videos that accompany each of his releases.

The project has been met with an overwhelming response from critics and fans around the country and even caught the eye of international streaming service Apple Music which has picked the project as the Apple Music New Artist Spotlight for October – something Sam is incredibly excited about. “It’s a privilege to be the featured artist of the month for the Apple Music New Artist Spotlight. Apple Music has supported my music more than I could have ever have hoped for since launching independently in February and I’m excited to see the growth that takes place going forward as we continue to work together,” he says.

A Year On Earth is now available to download or stream on your favourite music service.

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