Earlier this week, M-Net revealed that they have chosen fitness model and entrepreneur Lee Thompson as the first bachelor in the channel’s debut local adaptation of The Bachelor. However, his reveal was met with a massive outcry from potential viewers who are worried that Lee would overlook people of colour in the show’s upcoming season.

“SA’s first Bachelor does not represent the demographic,” a user posted on Twitter. “Now we going to have to watch him go on dates with black women and pretend to show some sort of interest. Cringeworthy content. Bring it on Mnet.”

However, despite the large public outcry, M-Net has defended it’s decision and promises Lee is the perfect fit for the show. “In line with the international format of the show, The Bachelor, our local version had to be a prince charming – a highly attractive, adventurous, charismatic and financially independent single man who are willing to put his heart on the line to find true love on television,” M-Net’s Head of Publicity Lani Lombard says. She added that Lee was an “open minded individual who is willing to put a ring on the finger of a girl from any culture or background. “

Lani continues saying “He also had to be a match for each of the 25 ladies from different cultures and backgrounds who he will woo – and be wooed by – in the Bachelor mansion. We based our final decision based on what the diverse group of shortlisted ladies described as their prince charming.”

Do you think M-Net made the right choice in picking Lee Thompson as the first bachelor? The show’s first season premieres on Valentines Day next year.

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