Daniel Lurie burst onto the local music scene earlier this year with his debut single ‘Got Me Waiting’. The single was a moderate success on radio and introduced the country to the 16-year-old pop star. Now, Daniel is back with a summery new track titled ‘Rain Dance’ alongside rap megastar Kwesta.

Daniel worked alongside pop star and producer Daniel Baron on the track and the duo developed something different and unique to the local pop landscape. However, the two felt that a rap verse would elevate the song into something special and approached Kwesta with the single – and he jumped straight onto the track. “I wanted to collaborate with Kwesta because of how successful he has become in his own right from his music career. He is greatly respected and admired in South Africa and abroad. I have been a fan for a long time,” Lurie says.

When asked what the song is about, Daniel tells us that “‘Rain Dance’ is about having faith, as a human race, no matter your colour, age or creed. It’s about uniting in one prayer, one song and one dance, to overcome drought, negativity and pain, so that our own personal dreams can come true, and so our dreams as a nation can flourish together under the blessing of rain.”

Daniel has begun to understand his vocal and uses his instrument smartly on the track. His delivery is clear and it’s clear that he has pushed himself both vocally and creatively on the single. Kwesta delivers another effortless verse which fits into the pop genre effortlessly.

‘Rain Dance’ is now available on all major digital music service.

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