Since he released his debut album ‘Fire’ back in 2016, Majozi has fast-become one of the most exciting singer-songwriters on the local landscape. His fresh approach to indie pop music has made him one of the most authentic and influential pop stars in the country today. Now, the star is back with his highly-anticipated, self-titled second studio album.

The project’s lead single ‘Waiting’ has already become a massive hit for the star on radio stations across the country and has paved the way for a successful chapter in Majozi’s career. “I am so grateful for the support that song has already received. It’s actually one of the first songs I wrote for the album,” Majozi tells us adding that the song has gone through quite a transformation since he began working on it. “The original draft of the song is actually far sadder than the final version. I wrote the song to document the struggles of being a single male searching for some one. Brad Klynsmith (from Gangs of Ballet) co-wrote the song with me and added more of sense to what I was trying to express. He knows me well so it really worked well.”

Majozi adds that fans can expect something a little different on his upcoming album. “The album has some 80’s and 90’s influence. I wanted to do something different this time so I started writing the songs on piano which later lead to me exploring some synths and learning a whole bunch of new methods and melodies,” he says. “I pushed myself as much as I could but most of all I just had fun with it.”

The star decided on a self-titled name for the album for an incredibly creative reason. “I want people to connect the songs with me, and also learn more about who I am. In the past people haven’t connected some of my more popular songs with me, and I really want to change that this time around, and also introduce everyone to who I am,” Majozi explains. “The album is sprinkled with all my experiences and thoughts with a pinch of poetic license.”

The album promises to be some of Majozi’s best work to date and drops everywhere on the 26th of October 2018. Support local music and pre-order the album today.

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