She’s an incredibly successful comedian, TV host and radio personality and Tumi Morake has recently added author to her impressive resume. The star has just released her autobiography ‘And Then Mama Said…’ where she shares details of her life, growing up, her impressive comedy career, her scandalous radio career so far and a whole lot more.

When asked where the idea to share her life story began, the star tells us that “Funny enough I do not feel like I have shared my life journey. I have shared some of the things that have made me resilient and shaped the persona of Tumi Morake,” Tumi says. “I have been asked by people who have heard my little story to share it, and I thought what better way than by honouring the woman who made me who I am, my mother.”

Tumi adds that the writing experience has been both challenging but therapeutic. “It took me a long time to figure out how to tell the story – whether I should be comedic as would be expected or just share a perspective,” Tumi continues. “Then I remembered how often my cousins and I quote my mother when we are together, and I decided to let that voice that is with me all the time speak throughout the book. It was quite difficult finding large gaps to write in, so I had to squeeze bits and pieces in over a few months to finally end up with this story.”

‘And Then Mama Said…” is out in all good book stores now.

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