Shaun Jacobs is the popular local muso who is responsible for smash hits like ‘Love Can’ and ‘Like Fire’ and now, he’s teamed up with Brazillian DJ Bruno Martini for a banging tropical house smash titled ‘Youngr’. The song is co-produced by award-winning American producer Timbaland and is a fantastic tune to add to your summer playlists.

“I cannot remember a single day of my life without the music driving me. I was raised inside a musical atmosphere and I learned to respect and listen to what music has to tell me, follow the ways it has shown to me. I did not plan to get where I am today and I’m going to keep on pursuing what music shows to me, without haste, without planning. Today I can see that these multiple musical paths, places and partners I have experienced are part of the musical universe I have created. All I want is to be truthful to what this music means to me. I live for the music and I want to reach all the destinations that it can take me” says Martini.

The song is the first piece of new music we’ve heard from Shaun Jacobs in a while and we love the way his strong voice blends with the summery anthem. Check out the single here:

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