Local pop star Majozi has been dominating the local airwaves over the past few weeks with his massive comeback single ‘Waiting’, which has done exceptionally well on radio charts around the country, and now, the star has finally dropped his second self-titled album.

The journey has been an interesting one. Majozi started writing most of the songs on the new album around two years ago, with the recording process starting over a year ago. Wanting to do something different this time around, most of the songs started out on piano and progressed from there. Featuring themes of super heroes, faith, vulnerability and insecurity, the content of the songs reflects where Majozi was emotionally whilst writing them, as well as where he wanted to be.

“I chose to self-title the album because I don’t think people know exactly who I am; not only as a artist but mostly as a person. This album will hopefully give them a better idea of who I am,” the singer tells us. “I’ve been sitting with these songs for a while now, so I am very excited to get them out to the world. It is hopefully my most fun album to listen to so far, and fans can look forward to a few happy surprises!”

‘Majozi’ Track Listing:

1. Dry The River
2. Waiting
3. Alright
4. Darling Pt 2
5. Somebody
6. Friends
7. Hey Girl
8. I Want Your Love
9. Arrest My Love
10. Lean On My Soul ft. Soweto Gospel Choir
11. Gwen Stacey

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