Local pop group Grassy Spark is back with a brand-new sound as they drop their brand-new single ‘The Candy’. The song is unlike anything the five-piece group has ever released to date and it’s a refreshing direction for the group.

Through the process of exploring this direction and sound, they’ve come to the realisation that Grassy Spark is more of an idea than a band or genre and have discovered that the group is genre neutral and it’s a notion they want to explore more over the coming months.

For me personally ‘The Candy’ is entirely about being swept off your feet by the idea of conception. Naturally the inspiration comes from conceiving my first born child – No one knew about it at the time, and when the pre-chorus and chorus of ‘The Candy’ was tracked for the 1st time, the only thing I was thinking was that I’ve made a human and nobody knows! This extends into the idea of the band conceiving a new sound, and a rebirth that carries with it immense intention born of the chaos of individual and collective change, where all different ideas coming together,” comments vocalist Josh Riley on the new single.

“The Candy” was a collaborative experience with their sound engineer Jethro Harris, and Berkley-bred producer Tutti Espi, with vocals recorded by Jethro, guitars and bass by Yanick Bathfield and synth and drums processed by Tutti.

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