We’re less than one week away from Calum Scott’s highly-anticipated South African tour and the singer has released his most emotional single yet just in time. ‘No Matter What’ is the lead single off the star’s upcoming rerelease of his debut album and sees the singer revisit what it was like dealing with his sexuality and eventually coming out to his friends and family – to a mixed response.

Calum does a fantastic job tugging at our heartstrings as he exposes himself in such a raw way from such an honest place. The story is incredibly well told and Calum does a great job ensuring an emotional delivery thanks to the songwriting on the track. Naturally, Calum uses his exceptional vocal to further develop a connection with the listener and it’s all these elements that make the song so beautiful to listen to.

“‘No Matter What'” is without question the most personal song I have ever written and the one I am most proud of,” says Calum. “It’s a song born from loneliness, acceptance and the heartbreaking but liberating tale of my coming out experience. What I love about this song is that it isn’t just limited to a story of sexual identity, but about the relationship between parent and child and acceptance as a whole. This song didn’t make my debut album because I simply wasn’t ready at that time to give it to the world. It felt too personal to share, but as with all of my songwriting, I’ve written this from the heart to try and inspire confidence and compassion in people and put some love back in to the world, which we could always use more of.”

Tickets for Calum’s Cape Town show are sold out and limited tickets for the star’s Johannesburg and Durban shows are still on sale.

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