Lady Zamar opened up about her heartbreaking battle with mental illness earlier today in the hopes of breaking the taboo around speaking about and dealing with depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses that so many around the country and the world battle with. Last month, HHP took his own life after years of suffering with depression and Gigi Lamayne was checked into hospital after unconfirmed reports of her attempted suicide.

In her Twitter rant, the star opened up about her own battle with the disease and revealed that she tried to take her own life when she was just 16 years old. Luckily, she had a strong support system around her and therapy helped her come to terms with her depression.

However, the star knows that this isn’t a luxury many people around the country have as people are still expected to deal with their feelings internally and are often called dramatic when attempting to speak to close friends or family.

So, the singer took to her social media pages to share some of the learnings she took away from her battle with mental illness.

We’re so proud of the star for sharing her story and we hope she knows just how much of a difference her speaking out has made to so many around the country.

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