Local musician Moonchild Sanelly has always been confident in her own skin. She is proud of her body and spreads the notion of self-love. However, the star is ready to take this to the extreme as she plans on opening a naked club where people will be able to party and see her perform in the nude.

The star will perform at this exclusive party on the 20th of November where no cell phones, cameras or journalists will be allowed into the venue – ensuring a safe, private event. “People who will be at the party will be club members who have also confirmed their attendance. You can’t just pitch up,” she said in a recent interview. “We will also have sex toys on sale and someone to enlighten us about sex. There will be no cameras or cellphones permitted into the venue, so privacy will be guaranteed. We don’t want people to take videos or pictures and send them to social media.”

Moonchild wants the taboo around sex and sexuality to end and hopes that events like these help South Africans be more open about their sex lives. “I want people to be proud of having sex, and stop being afraid of it,” she says.

While the star has ensured fans that the club is not a brothel in any way, concert goers are free to have sex at the party. “There will be a room where people can indulge in their sexual fantasies- including those who want to have sex while everyone is watching,” the singer says. “You can either come with your partner or find someone at the club. But consent is important – there will be no touching or kissing without both parties agreeing to it. Those who don’t comply will be forcefully removed.”

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