2018 has been a year of experimentation for The Kiffness. The star collaborated with Bongeziwe Mabandla on the African-inspired ‘Soloko’ and now, the star has teamed up with the talented Ami Faku for a soulful and delicate house track titled ‘Lose You’.

The Kiffness’ Dave Scott wrote the song alongside Raiven Hansmann while they were performing a set on a Cape Town rooftop earlier this year. Raiven was playing a beautiful sax line on top of ‘Time’ by the Pachanga Boys which piqued Dave’s interest who recorded the melody on his phone. The duo shortly headed into the studio to recreate something similar. Around the same time, Dave discovered Ami Faku and felt her voice would be well suited for the track.

Ami, who gives a smooth vocal delivery, heard what Dave and Raiven were working on in the studio and couldn’t wait to jump on the project. “I would describe ‘Lose You’ as a song written by a crazy, naïve girl who had her heart-broken by her first love who was never even hers in the first place. You see, I have spent a fair share of my life worrying about boys who shouldn’t matter and obsessing over mediocre love; that’s what this song is about,” she tells us. “This song is for anyone who has not been loved the way they deserved and was so caught up in the mess that they weren’t able to see the truth.”

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