South African fans of the legendary Guns N’ Roses are ready to rock at the group’s first and only South African show in Johannesburg tonight and while many are excited to watch the group’s ‘Not In This Lifetime’ world tour (the fourth highest-grossing tour of all time), local fans are also really excited to watch local legends Wonderboom opening for Guns N’ Roses.

Wonderboom have been making hits for over two decades and are responsible for tracks like ‘Shadows’, ‘Africa’ and many more. Opening for Guns N’ Roses will see the group perform to a massive audience and, naturally, the group is incredibly excited about their performance tonight.

“I am overwhelmed by the scale of this amazing opportunity and, even more so, by the love and support we’ve received by everyone. From those who put us forward to the fans and friends who welcomed and celebrated the announcement,” Wonderboom’s lead singer Cito says. “You will never know the amount of planning, work, wheeling and dealing that has gone into this moment for us, by I do. And I totally appreciate and will acknowledge you all individually for the love, energy and effort that our team mates have put into this. To wake up, after months of preparation, and see that another one of our angels has worked into the night for us, is beyond humbling. The final straw before my man tears well. I feel loved and held by our friends. THANK YOU! Tonight is not just for us. It’s for all of us. Let’s light up FNB and welcome these Rock Gods, the only way we know how.”

Limited tickets to tonight’s show are still available at Computicket.

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