Local pop duo Easy Freak has had a fantastic year. They’re the faces of H&M’s exciting new local campaign and have released some incredible tracks over the past few months. Now, they’re hoping to end the year off on a high note as they premiere the official music video for ‘Plans’.

While the song is catchy, it has an inspirational element to it. The duo sing about being bold and believing in yourself and your big dreams – and not being frightened to go and get what you want. So, naturally, Easy Freak wanted the music video to portray the positivity and energy heard on the track whilst making people smile and laugh. In the video, which was shot in Braamfontein back in September, the group explore the magical city of Johannesburg and simply living in the moment.

“‘Plans’ is all about dreaming big and backing yourself and your own plans. We got to include some amazing people showing us their moves, and we give each of them a shout-out including their profession – trying to shed more light on their plans,” Easy Freak tell us. “Our fans can look forward to a high energy, fun-filled cinematic experience watching this new music video. We’re confident that it’ll make you groove and smile the whole way through.”

Watch the music video here:

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