After wowing fans with their debut album ‘The Hanging Gardens Of Beatenberg’, Beatenberg are back with their highly-anticipated second studio album ‘12 Views Of Beatenberg’. Featuring the hit single ‘Aphrodite’ with Tresor, this project is the first with the group’s new musical home Island Records UK and, naturally, the group is incredibly excited about the album’s release.

The group has been gaining a lot of traction internationally but lead singer Matthew Field admits that the band’s new music is still proudly South African. “Our music is, in some important sense, rooted in the place it was made that makes it speak to people at all, whether that’s people here or elsewhere. But then, of course, there is a degree to which music can be place-specific in its referents, it’s style/aesthetic that can make it less broadly and immediately accessible outside its origin. I don’t know the answer, really, but I guess it helps to be both comprehensible and unusual.”

Matthew is incredibly proud of the success the lead single has had so far and reveals that working with Tresor again was a highlight of the album creation process. “I really like Tresor and it’s always great to spend time with him, working or otherwise,” he says. “He is really driven and I’ve been importantly inspired by that at times when I’ve felt less so. I think we connect over our love of music from Africa, and he also has a sense of rhythm and melody that I relate to and find productive to work with.”

‘12 Views Of Beatenberg’ drops on all major digital music platforms today.

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