The Kiffness’ David Scott has always enjoyed playing around with satirical content in both his music and on his social media. The star is responsible for many viral memes we’ve seen online over the past few years and after seeing Pharrell’s hilarious Instagram story about the sound Hadedas make, he decided to tackle the hilarious topic in song.

This, however, isn’t the first time The Kiffness has played around with the proudly South African call of the Hadeda. In 2016, he edited the call into DJ Snake’s popular single ‘The Middle’ and Pharrell’s recent video inspired David to get back into the studio.

“I’ve always enjoyed making music that has a humorous twist to it, but I’ve always struggled to marry my humour with my dance music productions. I feel like this song is finally the perfect marriage between the two, and it finally feels like I’m realizing my dream of becoming the Flight of the Conchords of the EDM world,” David tells us about the new track. “I feel that South Africa’s affinity towards hadedas will make it an instant favourite among fellow South Africans.”

The full song is now available to stream on your favourite digital music platforms but you can also listen to a sneak peek of the song here:

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