Loyiso Gola is one of four comedians featured on Netflix’s new comedy special ‘Comedians of the World’. The show showcases 47 comedians from 13 regions who perform in eight different languages in what is one of the biggest comedy specials ever. Loyiso is joined by fellow South African comedians Riaad Moosa, Tumi Morake and Loyiso Madinga and is incredibly proud of the new series which is now showing on the streaming service.

Loyiso reveals that he poured his heart and soul into the new special. “About 70% of the material is totally brand-new, and some of it was an expansion of older stuff that I hadn’t really done for the world yet,” he says. “There are different ways to approach a joke. You have to understand what makes people laugh in the first place. There’s a reason certain types of joke work really well, like the ‘three men walk into a bar’ structure.”

He adds that “It sets up your brain to think one way, and the third part of joke always has to be obscure. The first part of the joke takes the brain into a certain direction. So, the brain feels safe, and then ‘wham!’ the brain isn’t safe anymore. You can use this technique on your every day jokes.”

‘Comedians Of The World’ is now streaming on Netflix.

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