After Lifetime’s shocking documentary ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ brought some shocking testimonies against the R&B singer to light, many international stars have taken matters into their own hands and have started using their voice to bring as much attention to the star’s new sexual misconduct trial. Celebrities like John Legend, Lady Gaga and more have publicly spoken out against the singer and on the local front, Jimmy Nevis has done the same.

Jimmy has, for a long time, covered R. Kelly tracks in his live shows and, in good conscious, has decided that while he is a fan of the singer’s music, he can no longer support his career.

In an Instagram post, Jimmy said that he is a feminist and that “I want to be a part of a world where women can speak openly about their experiences without the fear of judgement and having to defend their truth.”

While it’s a small act, it’s certainly an impactful one – especially considering that R. Kelly’s music used to be a big part of the star’s live show.

Check out his full message here:

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