After the massive success of ‘Keeping Up With The Kandasamys’ back in 2017, the cast and crew quickly went back to work on a much-anticipated sequel. Now, after weeks of shooting, the official trailer for ‘Kandasamys: The Wedding’ has premiered ahead of it’s premiere date on April 19 this year.

After the events of the first film, which saw feuding former friends Jennifer Kandasamy (Jailoshini Naidoo) and Shanti Naidoo (Maeshni Naicker) come together to end a love affair their children Jodi (Mishqah Parthiephal) and Prishen (Madhushan Sing) developed. Now, the two are back at each other’s throat as they plan their childrens’ big day as both have very different ideas of how the wedding is going to go down.

Jodi and Prishen’s love is tested once more by those who love them the most – their mothers – and viewers will witness the journey of Jennifer and Shanti as they learn to realise that the source of their happiness lies in the happiness of their children.

The film promises a whole lot of laughs and is expected to become another box office hit.

Watch the trailer for the upcoming film here:

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