Hip-hop superstar Zakwe is making waves in the local entertainment space with his new single ‘Daai Deng’. As the track continues to climb up the local radio charts, it’s music video is raking up the views on YouTube as well and as the rapper goes into a full promotional swing in 2019, Zakwe has promised more music videos this year.

“I’m bringing more shows, more ‘Cebisa’ album launches and more music videos to my fans in 2019,” the star tells us. “Last year I released two music videos and the previous year only one but this year I aim to shoot five videos at minimum.”

Meanwhile, the star is ecstatic at the success ‘Daai Deng’ has been receiving. When asked why he thinks so many people have identified with the song, Zakwe tells us that “The song has that trap feel which makes it appeal to new school cats and clubs. On the other hand, it is very aggressive – giving it that Kasi feel. The chorus rounds it off by being simple and very catchy. I think we covered so many angles on that song which is why radio and the masses love it.”

One thing is for sure, 2019 is set to be another massive year for Zakwe.

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