Let’s be honest, with the controversy around the current Superbowl half-time show regarding the NFL’s stance over some players refusing to stand when the US national anthem is played in protest against the treatment of black people in America, almost any act who would have undertaken the prestigious honour this year would have received some flack.

So, while Maroon 5 weighed out the pros and cons and decided to go ahead with the show (despite Cardi B and reportedly Christina Aguilera pulling out of collaborating with the band on stage because of the controversy), we expected them to put on one hell of a show. With all eyes watching, we thought the group would give their best performance yet. However, their performance has been called ‘boring’ and even ‘the worst Superbowl half-time show in history’.

The group performed on quite an epic ‘M’-shaped stage and while the performance started out well, all-in-all, it was incredibly safe and predictable. After seeing Lady Gaga and Katy Perry wow us with their theatrics, Maroon 5 simply rocked out on the stage. They brought on Travis Scott (who was introduced by Spongebob Squarepants) and Big Boi who also failed to bring their A-Game making their appearances awkward and unnecessary. Adam Levine also stripped throughout the performance eventually performing his hit single ‘Moves Like Jagger’ topless which was reminiscent of Janet Jackson’s infamous Superbowl nip-slip – and many weren’t impressed with the NFL’s double standards.

Missed this year’s half-time show? Watch it here:

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