Local DJ duo Pascal & Pearce have had a long, fruitful relationship with pop duo Locnville. They’ve collaborated on a number of tracks, including the smash hits ‘When The Sun Goes Down’, ‘Desperado’ and more. Now, the groups have linked up yet again as they drop ‘I Got Ya Babe’ – and we have a feeling it’s going to be their biggest success story to date.

The song effortlessly fuses the sound each duo is known for in what is possibly their catchiest song to date. The club-ready jam began as an instrumental Pascal & Pearce created last year which subsequently went through a few stages before they came up with the final sound for the track. The duo then approached Locnville and invited them to work their magic on the track and ‘I Got Ya Babe’ was born.

“We’re very pleased with the end result of this track. Having a finished song that we’re happy with is what we aim for, whilst still progressing with our music, so creating a song that makes others happy too is the trick. The only difference is that we’re always working at bettering our music with every song,” Pascal & Pearce says in a statement.

Locnville’s Andrew Chaplin adds that “I Got Ya Babe is about that first time attraction when you meet someone new. We’re kind of setting that scene and the beat that Pascal & Pearce came up with represents that beautifully. We’ve worked with Pascal & Pearce many times and the results are always hits. I think our love and respect for electronic music gives us a good working relationship.” The group’s Brian Chaplin adds that “I Got Ya Babe for me is more about setting a scene than telling a story. When I heard the beat, it gave me an edgy feeling and the thought of turning that into a couple rolling around the city in an old convertible seemed fun. Working with Pascal & Pearce is always a pleasure, they’re amazing producers and always manage to create a great track.”

The track drops today and is now available on all major digital music platforms now.

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