SABC 3’s exciting new dating show premiered on the channel last night to a rave response. In the show, 16 ordinary, single South Africans head out on an epic journey while they push themselves to the limits in gruelling challenges while ultimately finding both love and a chance to get their hands on a whopping R100 000. The singles are then matched into couples and the eight new couples experience all the extreme adventures Mpumalanga has to offer.

The show is hosted by Presenter Search on 3 winner Christopher Jaftha in a series that pushes his presenting skills unlike we’ve ever seen before. We caught up with the presenter who opened up about the incredible experience the show has been for his career.

What drew you to host a show like ‘The Longest Date’?

The fact that it’s an original local format and the respect and kindness shown by my producers from Brandgen Graeme and Samantha Moon. They allowed me to be myself, gave me the reigns and allowed me to thrive.

Why do you think South Africans are going to be hooked on the show.

Firstly because all our contestants are relatable, they could be your neighbor sister brother etc…it’s all unscripted, there’s drama, comedy action and heart felt moments. The audience will find their favorites root for them and empathize along the way. It’s a riveting show making for a good viewing experience

Can you share with us a time when you felt like you were on the longest date ever?

I don’t date but there have been a few times I was out with someone of the opposite sex thinking that this needs to end. they’re either too anxious which leads to verbal diarrhea, or they have strange requests – like wanting to smell my armpits

What type of presenter does the show require you to be?

It requires me to be myself and the all seeing eye, to have levels of empathy and facilitate in a warm nurturing manner but also to be assertive as you’ll see we have a lot of strong personalities on the show. It also requires me to ask the right questions to listen and improvise be sharp and have a sense of humour and wit. I did all the challenges bar 2 which means I do my own stunts. The show requires that of me because of the previsualisation, which means when I’m explaining a challenge, you see me doing the extreme activity.

Other than the show, what other exciting projects are you working on?

I’ve just shot an international feature film called Heks/her mask produced by twin hearts directed by Reine Swart. To be released in America, Canada and Japan 2020, What Lies Beneath “The Devil You Know” is on discovery ID and aired on various channels in America since 18 October last year, should be hitting SA screens this month. Bedford Wives that scooped another 5 Saftas nominations is on Amazon Prime for those that have not watched, And another show with another Safta nomination-dancing with the stars is repeating on Vuzu and a series of films on Kyknet and Kie are also doing some reruns.

Catch The Longest Date, Mondays at 19h30 on SABC 3.

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