The Kiffness’ David Scott is known for his hilarious, tongue-in-cheek approach to music and after releasing a song about Hadedas a few months ago, the star is tackling his next topic – celibacy. In his new single, titled ‘Celibate Healing’, the star takes an R&B approach as he sings about loving a girl but not wanting to sleep with her just yet and, naturally, he dropped a hilarious music video to go along with it.

While the song is incredibly comedic, David tells us that the song was inspired by his internal battle earlier on in life. “Although it’s a funny concept, it’s not actually far off from what I went through in my early 20s at Rhodes. Throughout high school and varsity I was a devote Christian (and still am, but with a slightly different outlook). During my time at Rhodes, my desire for purity & saving myself for marriage was in constant battle with my desire for carnal pleasure,” David tells us.

“I had one foot in the church, and another foot in drinking, partying & hooking up with random girls and that constant limbo between the two took quite a severe toll on my psyche.” David adds. “The intense guilt that I often felt for lusting after girls with no real intention of pursuing them lead me to quite a long period of isolation from the outside world, where I didn’t want anything to do with girls or partying.”

David continues saying “It is ok to try and be better, but there’s a point at which suppressing your sexual urges is only doing yourself & potentially others more harm (at least that’s what I think)”. This ideology and his personal journey inspired the song.

The Kiffness is not known for doing things half-heartedly and although ‘Celibate Healing’ is more of an expressive track rather than a radio single, the star knew he needed to record a music video for the track – and it’s hilarious. “The guys at Dolph thought it would be a good idea to base the video around this idea that I was trying to isolate myself from society and the sexual temptations that come with it. So, the video takes place in a place called “Camp Celibate” where I live a simple life free of sexual temptation. That is until I see a bear with a nice ass. Just seeing that is enough to set me off. Needless to say the bear isn’t too impressed with me grabbing its ass without consent & quite rightly klaps me one time.”

Watch it here:

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