This past weekend, Trevor Noah attended his very first Academy Awards – an event any Hollywood A-Lister dreams of attending. Naturally, the event was overwhelming for the South African comedian. From the incredibly long red carpet to the glitz and glam, everything about the Oscars is prestigious. At the event, Trevor saw the who’s who of Hollywood together at one place while witnessing stars like Rami Malek, Lady Gaga and more taking home awards. However, the star’s night didn’t end there. He attended two Oscar after parties and admits he had one of the best night of his life.

In a clip shared on The Daily Show’s YouTube page, Trevor shares that he first made a stop at Vanity Fair’s official after party where he realised how low on the food chain he still is. The star reveals that he was standing in line with Terry Crews and was subsequently asked to move away once Jennifer Lopez and her entourage were entering.

Trevor then went to Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Oscar after party where he partied with Usher on the dance floor before interacting with the Queen Bey herself. “One moment I’m on the dance floor and I’m dancing cause DJ Black Coffee was there,” Trevor says adding that Usher joined him on the dancefloor and put his dance moves to shame.

The biggest highlight for Trevor, however, was his interaction with Beyoncé. “This was the weirdest moment of my night and maybe my life. I will see where I categorise it. I’m on the dance floor, everyone’s having a good time, and then Beyoncé starts walking in my direction. So I’m like, oh, I should move, right? Cause it’s Beyoncé, where she is going is not to me,” he says. But, Beyoncé was on her way to greet the comedian – as she made an effort to do so with every guest at her party. “You’d think she’d be sitting in a box waving. No, she’s saying hi and she’s really cool.”

Watch Trevor share his experience here:

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