Prince Kaybee has had a massive year. He has dominated the local airwaves with his smash hits ‘Club Controller’, ‘Banomoya’ and his brand-new single ‘Fetch Your Life’ and now, it’s been confirmed that the star’s latest album ‘Re Mmino’, which features all three tracks, has achieved gold status here in South Africa.

However, while traditionally gold status meant selling 15 000 copies, the rules have changed slightly to incorporate streaming where 1500 streams mean a single sale. The three singles have been streamed over 47 million times so far. ‘Club Controller’ which features Zanda, TNS & LaSoulMates has seen over 20.8 million streams while ‘Banomoya’ with Busiswa & TNS has been streamed more than 25.5 million times. Meanwhile, the star’s latest single ‘Fetch Your Life’ feat. Msaki has seen over half a million streams in just one month! This means that the album has sales of around 31 000 copies so far.

Now that the album is out, Prince Kaybee is hoping to bring his music to as many people as possible and will be touring a variety of local and international cities over the next few weeks. The star will be headed around South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Australia, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom over the next few months as he continues to spread the South African flavour we’ve come accustomed to from him around the world.

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