Josh Moreira is fast becoming one of the most exciting new names in the local pop music space – however, he has been putting in the work. The 16-year-old singer was part of the Born To Perform ensemble at the Lyric Theatre two years in a row followed by a lead role in A Night With The Stars and starred as Control in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s production of Starlight Express held at the Joburg Theatre in 2013. Now, after achieving moderate success with his debut single ‘Falling Apart’, the star has dropped his impressive second single ‘Ablaze’.

The song doesn’t rely too much on theatrics and kicks off with Josh showing off his impressive vocal over an acoustic guitar – a bold move. The track then evolves with various percussion, piano and electronic sounds to create a strong sound which always goes back to showcase Josh’s vocal ability rather than him hiding behind a strong production.

Speaking about the production, the song was produced by Daniel Baron – an experience that really pushed Josh creatively. “Daniel is such a charismatic guy. He was dancing to the beat, and he gets so invested in the project. It’s really admirable and you can tell straight away that music is almost a physical part of him. I think that’s the reason we connected so well,” Josh tells us.

On the lyrical content of the song, Josh says that he was inspired by a personal story about how one true passion can really set you on fire, beautifully constructed into a love story. “When you love something or someone, you really don’t care about anything else, and that’s the message that I’m trying to get across,” Josh says. “This song is more ‘Josh’ than my previous single. It really came from the heart and connects with me more than most of the songs I’ve written. ‘Ablaze’ is simple and sweet, but powerful just the same.”

‘Ablaze’ is a strong indication of Josh’s musical talent and we have a feeling he’s going to go very far in the local pop space.

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