Local rapper Chad Da Don has been in the media lately for his love life but now, the star is back to making waves with his music as he drops his new single ‘New Rich’ which features the rapper’s longtime friends and collaborators Locnville. This time, however, the star pushes himself out of his comfort zone and he delivers one of his grittiest and rhythmic flows yet.

“Making ‘New Rich’ was so dope. I recorded it in one of the best studio sessions of my life in terms of energy. Everything about the experience was memorable – from just talking in the early hours of the morning to hearing this crazy beat Locnville played for me and we didn’t hesitate or waste time. We got in the booth and we killed it.”

Meanwhile, Locnville’s Andrew Chaplin adds that “Studio with Chad is always a great time. The kind of music we get out of it is exactly the kind of vibe you hear on the record. We were just jamming at 3 in the morning and pumped this one out in minutes. Sometimes the vibe is just right and you end up getting something really special out of it. This was one of those times.”

‘New Rich’ is now available on all major digital music platforms.

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