Local Afrikaans pop star is known for her edgy, soft approach to pop music and she’s back with a bang with her first piece of new music since her 2016 release ‘As Jy Weet Dis Liefde’ and her recent Christmas album. Now, as she readies her next era, Charlize has premiered ‘Yster In Die Vuur’.

Charlize wrote the pop banger with her twin brother Jake Burg and hopes to inspire her audience with the lyrical content of the track. “The song conveys a message that is very close to my heart. I hope that it will inspire listeners to believe in themselves and find strength to rise above their circumstances. To show inner-strength just like a piece of iron that radiates when it heated to a very high temperature,” she says. “Everyone goes through difficult times and needs motivation to get them through it. Believing in yourself is the only way in which you will be able to overcome these obstacles.”

For the music video, the idea was to keep the storyline as simple and honest as possible. “We started off by doing hair and makeup, but it was removed as the video progressed to create a moment of freedom and honesty when the women realised that it was safe to just be themselves and not what society expected them to be,” the singer explains. “A group of beautiful women and girls helped me to convey this powerful message.”

Charlize is in the process of creating more music which is expected to appear on her upcoming fourth studio album. The star admits she’s incredibly inspired to create new music lately and finds solace in the studio. “The moment I hear an instrument playing, like the piano or guitar, it leads me to a place of inspiration. I only sing songs that resonate with me and suits my voice. To be able to deliver an authentic performance on stage when I am singing a ballad, I have to be able to see myself in the message that is conveyed by the song,” Charlize tells us. “It is very important to have honest and vulnerable moments in your music during live performances.”

Watch the music video for ‘Yster In Die Vuur’ here:

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