I love it when a new face makes their debut with an impressive, unique and powerful single. 22-year-old Joburg-based multi-instrumentalist James Deacon is an artist who has done just that. The singer drops his debut single ‘Not Givin’ Up’ this week.

The song is about taking one’s destiny into their own hands and being inspired enough to reach out for what you want in life. “’Not Givin’ Up’ is all about leaving the safety of a day job or desk job and pursuing my dream regardless of how hard it will be to get where I want to go,” James says. “Basically, life is short and I don’t want to waste my life cooped up in the same environment until I die. It’s a big fuck you to all the bosses I’ve ever had and all the people who held me back or told me I wasn’t good enough.”

James has a really great tone to his voice which is reminiscent to that of British singer James Arthur. The song is well-written and catchy and takes a direction not often seen in the local pop space. James has dropped a solid debut that blends elements of pop, rock and hip-hop. ‘Not Givin’ Up’ is the perfect introduction to the singer and one we will certainly be keeping an eye on.

‘Not Givin’ Up’ is now available to download or stream on your favourite digital music platform.

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