Last year, Tumi Morake released her critically-acclaimed autobiography ‘…And Then Mama Said’. The book gave fans an inside look at the star’s upbringing, finding love, her career as a comedian and presenter and touched on the highly publicised race row she endured while a presenter on the Jacaranda FM breakfast show. As the title suggests, Tumi also opened up about the impact her mother had on her life.

The book was well-received by fans around the country and now, Tumi has taken the book to the next level by releasing the official audiobook. “Recording the audiobook forced me to read the book like someone who was actually consuming it. It was easier than writing because I knew what was coming next but also really difficult because I got caught in the emotions of it,” Tumi said in an interview

Tumi added that recording the audiobook made her relive the stories she told in the book and was the first time she consciously read the book from beginning to end out of the editing process – and it was an emotional journey. “When you are reading it out loud for someone to hear you and be in that moment with you, it felt like I was properly reliving those moments again,” she says. “In one of the sessions we actually had to take a break. One of the chapters really hooked into my emotions and I needed time to recover. I stopped and asked myself why I wrote this and how I could go there. I was shot by my own honesty.”

The chapter that really got to her was that of her sister-in-law. “She really meant a lot to me. I always knew that but it was the raw emotion of remembering the loss, remembering her. She passed away at a time when I was very good at switching off my feelings. Talking about her again and talking about her passing wasted me.”

The audiobook is available for download via Audible,’s audiobook downloading site.

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