It’s the end of an era! After 29 years of hosting the popular Afrikaans game show ‘Noot Vir Noot’, Johan Stemmet is bowing out of the show which has lasted an incredible 43 seasons on SABC 2. Johan’s final appearance as host of the show will be this tonight at 7pm after which the show enters a new era – and Emo Adams is scheduled to take reign.

Along with a new host, there are some various other changes happening in the show’s upcoming season. The band will be replaced by DJ Shelley who will bring her spunk and finesse to the show’s new format. This and a few other minor changes are expected to debut when the show’s 44th season premieres later this year.

Naturally, Johan is both excited but devasted to be stepping down as host of the show but he has complete faith that Emo Adams will continue the show’s legacy effortlessly. “A better artist, performer, presenter, all-round entertainer than Emo will be hard to find. Emo is cut out for this role and he will certainly take the show to further heights,” Johan says. “It’s great to welcome Emo on the ‘Noot vir Noot’ set. He is a great choice to take the presenting role over from me and as director of the show I am so looking forward to working closely with him for many years to come.”

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