This week’s episode of The Bachelor South Africa was the most emotional episode of the season. Lee Thompson invited his top three women, Gina Myers, Michelle Reddy and Jozaan Digue on a romantic trip to Mauritius and, as expected, Lee pulled out all the stops as he gets ready to pick one woman to spend the rest of his life with.

However, to do this, some difficult decisions needed to be made and unfortunately, Lee decided not to give Michelle Reddy a rose. Fans will remember that Lee gave Michelle the first impression rose and subsequently, their relationship blossomed during the remainder of the season. However, their relationship came to a staggering halt after Lee explained that he had a stronger relationship with Gina and Jozaan and that, unfortunately, he wouldn’t be able to continue his relationship with her.

Naturally, Lee’s decision came as a huge shock for Michelle who burst into tears as her relationship with Lee came to a staggering halt. Lee and Michelle had been dating for a good few weeks and, naturally, feelings were formed. However, they simply weren’t as strong as Lee’s feelings for the other two women.

Now, Michelle opens up to us about her dramatic break-up and her experience on the popular reality show.

What was your favourite part of taking part of The Bachelor South Africa?

My favourite part was the adventures, especially jumping out of a plane. It definitely allowed me to feel free, to be in the moment and allow myself to trust the process.

You developed quite a strong connection with Lee from the very first episode. What did you enjoy most about spending time with him?

Lee offered me a comfortable environment which allowed for the feelings to just be natural and as organic as a relationship would require. He offered a unique sense of kindness which I will forever use within the resume for the next suitor.

When did it sink in that you’re dating the same man as your friends in the house?

It still hasn’t sunk in. I just looked at this experience as being very exclusive with every woman and therefore I could not compare, neither judge on Lee’s position or relationship with the other girls.

Your break-up was devastating to watch. Looking back at your relationship, do you think Lee made the right choice?

I can’t question Lee’s choice. I guess in this situation, the heart truly knows best. It teaches us a lesson that even through grace and poise there is still a missing element when finding that special one.

Was it difficult to fully let go and open up your emotions considering The Bachelor is essentially a TV show?

The reason why I have been single for two years was due to the truth of when you open up you feel again, which could result in being hurt. Being on The Bachelor SA, I took a chance in perusing my happily ever after and as a requirement, I needed to wear my heart on my sleeve.

The Bachelor continues on Thursday at 19h00 on M-Net

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