Local production duo Wax Beach dropped their first release of the year this week with ‘Under’ – their brand-new collaboration with Matt Gardiner. The duo, made of Jamie Christensen and Tiaan du Toit, say their production style was inspired by the likes of Zedd and Grey and that it’s a song they’re incredibly excited to release.

The song features Matt Gardiner on vocals and while Wax Beach and Matt are still to meet in person, the collaboration was a rather organic process. “Heading into 2019 we had a finished instrumental but were struggling to find the right vocalist for the track. In order to find new artists to collaborate with, we made a post on our social media asking artists to message us if they wanted to collaborate. One of these artists was Matt Gardiner from Durban, a former Idols finalist,” Tiaan tells us. “He quickly became our top pick once we listened to some of his music and we sent him the track. After some back and forth we settled on lyrics and melodies we liked, and Matt recorded the final vocals in Durban.”

Meanwhile, Jamie explains that the sonic direction the duo decided to take on the song was born from the music they enjoy listening to. “This track contains a lot of pop and EDM elements but has a Pop Punk energy to it. It also contains some firsts for us, in the form of organic instrumentation and production techniques such as vocoders, which posed some new challenges from both a recording and production perspective,” he says. “The drop is our favourite part and features an acoustic and electric guitar as the main instruments together with some trap elements.”

Matt, who hails from Durban, was excited to bring his own spin to the track – and made some friends in the production duo in the process. “Working with Wax Beach was flippen amazing! Jamie and Tiaan are such awesome guys, and I’m so stoked I got to work with them and become friends through the process. Their tracks are always so kiff and the opportunity to feature on a track with them is something I’m so grateful for,” Matt says. “Lyrically, we wrote a couple different versions with contrasting themes, but the hook in the build is what settled the overall theme of the song. It’s basically about realizing too little, too late when a relationship ends that you could have done a lot more in terms of being there and a lot more in terms of being what somebody else needs. It’s almost as if you want to go back and fix it, but you know that’s impossible.”

‘Under’ is now available on all major digital music platforms.

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