Nina Hastie is a crazy talented comedian. She has taken the country by storm with her unique approach to the medium and her infectious personality and talent has cemented her as a world-class presenter as well. Nina continues to push boundaries with her comedy and we get up close and personal with the star as she opens up about her passion and approach to the craft.

How would you describe your approach to comedy?

I like to look at myself in relation to the social dynamic – and point out my insights. The truth is funny and it’s something that my audience really relates to.

What is your favourite thing about being a comedian?

It’s a really great disclaimer when people get offended. I say, “don’t worry, I’m a professional.” Sometimes hitting audiences with the hard truth is a great way of openly discussing topics that are uncomfortable but necessary – and comedy is a great way of achieving that.

How important is it to make comedy relatable to both yourself and your audience?

It’s the most important thing – we call it framing. It’s so important to make sure that as a comedian, you have enough information to live in the world in which we are building the gag – and those who do that well are the ones which become really successful.

You’re performing at The Comedy Mash-Up at Gold Reef City on the 10th of May. What is your favourite thing about being part of comedy festivals like this one?

The great thing about an ensemble show is that each comedian comes with their own audience – and we expose each other to each other’s fans. It’s a treat for the audience.

Tickets for The Comedy Mash-Up at Gold Reef City are now available at Computicket.

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