She’s the ultimate musical chameleon and as she continues her exciting new era, Chianosky has dropped her third studio album ‘Same Same But Different’. The album features the star’s smash hit ‘Diamonds & Gold’ with Kwesta and as she celebrates the release of her new project, Chianosky opens up about her inspiration this time around and a whole lot more.

Congrats on your new album. What message did you want to share during this era of your career?

There are a lot of messages that I wanted to share on this album. Recently, I’ve just enjoyed exploring the importance of self-understanding and experimentation at my age and what that means for my audience.

You’re quite the sonic chameleon. Tell us a bit about the sound you embarked on with this album and what inspired it.

This is definitely a hybrid album. Saint Danger (my producers for the album) and I collided pop with some afro influence to shape a sound that can exist in many worlds. Makwa Beats also jumped on the album to produce some sensual numbers with kwaito rhythms. I really enjoyed applying my vocals in new ways for this album and I am so happy with how it all came together in the end.

What inspired the title of the record?

Being a woman, I really enjoy experimenting with my identity and celebrating my youth as much as I can. This album really allowed me to thrive in my vulnerability, evolving into the person I’ve been all along. So, all-in-all, I’m the same, but different.

What made ‘Diamonds & Gold’ the perfect lead single for this project?

This song was written for the dreamers that turn into hustlers. It really made me realign the things I value as if I am shifting that energy into the right people and places. Kwesta added his own perspective to the record which really elevated this message. We thought it was a good song to establish the new sound I was coming out with and I am so happy with the response it’s received.

What was it like working with Kwesta on the track?

He is so humble and just a straight up nice guy who wants to make good music. I have mad respect for him. He added such an incredible element to the song.

Tell us a bit about your latest single ‘ I Gotta Love’.

This is the love song on the album. It’s sensual and always makes me feel nostalgic. I wrote the song about lovers who take the leap into the unknown together. The song was produced by Makwa Beats and he really did a fantastic job bringing the feeling I wanted the song to have to life.

How do you feel you have grown as a musician throughout your career?

Over the years I have understood more about my strengths and weaknesses, the flexibility of my voice and the understanding of the artist I want to be and the kind of things I want to talk about. I have also learnt interesting techniques when collaborating with other creatives.

Now that the album is out, what does the rest of the year have in store for you?

Right now I’m going to focus on pushing and talking about my new work, but I have also been working on some collaborations abroad. I also really want to tour Africa as I don’t think they have heard much of my music there yet.

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