It was a dramatic first season of The Bachelor South Africa and in its devastating finale, the show ended with heartbreak as it was revealed that Lee Thompson and winner Gina Myers have ended their relationship just weeks after filming wrapped.

During the season finale, Lee called it quits with Jozaan Dique during their Mauritius getaway which left Jozaan confused and in tears. Lee then handed out his final rose to Gina Myers in what became a romantic commitment ceremony.

“You have the most beautiful heart I have ever come across in anyone, ever. And I would like to take your heart and look after it, and give you mine in return. Gina, my Gina, when I’m with you, I feel like I am home. And I don’t want this fairy-tale to ever end,” Lee told Gina as he gave her a diamond ring signifying a commitment to making their relationship last. “Gina, I love you.” Gina responded with, “I love his heart and I think that is the most important part. I feel like this is all surreal. I feel like I am going to wake up from a dream.”

However, the couple just couldn’t seem to make their love work while the cameras weren’t rolling. In the finale, Lee revealed that he and Gina decided to end their relationship. “After that final day, I was extremely confused mentally and emotionally. Back in the real world, our relationship got off to a rocky-start and I wasn’t fully there for Gina when she needed me. That’s the bottom line and that affected our relationship,” Lee said.

Despite the relationship being over, Gina only has wonderful things to say about Lee. “I walk away with incredible friendships. I’m a much stronger person for it. Beautiful memories. Lee taught me things about myself that I didn’t know. And I still believe in fairy-tales.”

So, while Lee’s 13-week journey unfortunately never ended with the happily ever after he hoped for, he met 24 incredible women and will treasure the connections and memories he made on the show forever.

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