The upcoming 12th season of KykNet’s hit reality show ‘Boer Soek n’ Vrou’ is well into it’s pre-production process and ten lucky men between the ages of 26 and 51 will be going on a once-in-a-lifetime experience to try and find true love. This season, however, the show has reached a major milestone by featuring it’s first gay farmer in a game-changing tactic by producers.

In a special episode introducing the ten farmers and calling potential love interests to enter the show, the channel revealed that while nine farmers will be looking for a female companion, for the first time ever, Damian, a 37-year-old cattle and sheep farmer from Bapsfontein, is looking for a male partner on the show.

Naturally, having it’s first openly gay contestant has been met with some critism but it’s an incredible step forward for both the show, the station and the Afrikaans community as a whole and it’s heart-warming to see how so many have embraced the idea of a gay contestant on the show.

Out of the ten potential contestants, the five who receive the most love letters from potential suiters will have their journey broadcast over 13 weeks during the hit reality show, hosted by the talented songstress Leah.

Potential contestants need to be 21 and unmarried and can send their letters by sending an e-mail to

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