22-year-old James Deacon is one of the most exciting new faces in South African pop music. The star released his debut single ‘Not Givin’ Up’ earlier this year to an incredible response and now, he’s dropped the track’s official music video.

The video, directed by Brennan Lewis and shot late at night in and around Johannesburg, is a celebration of the star’s hometown. “We shot all around Johannesburg – we really wanted to show off how amazing the city looks at night! It was epic especially because all the extras are some of the most important people in my life,” the singer tells us.

The song is currently playlisted on a multitude of radio stations around the country. The song is about James overcoming insurmountable obstacles to pursue his passion after an accident left him without any feeling in most of his right hand and unable to play guitar. “‘Not Givin’ Up’ is all about leaving the safety of a day job or desk job and pursuing my dream regardless of how hard it will be to get where I want to go. Basically life is short and I don’t want to waste my life cooped up in the same environment until I die. It’s a big fuck you to all the bosses I’ve ever had and all the people who held me back or told me I wasn’t good enough,” he tells us.

While the single continues to gain momentum around the country, James now has his sights set on his upcoming debut six-track EP ‘The Calling’ which will be released in July this year. The project will be available for pre-order on 31 May alongside an instant grat of ‘Not Givin’ Up’ and his upcoming second single “Calling Home”.

We’re incredibly excited to see what James has in store on his new project.