She’s one of the biggest female rappers in the country and Gigi Lamayne’s career continues to go from strength to strength. The star recently released her incredible new single ‘Bozza’ and it’s been taking the local hip-hop scene by storm. This week, we chat to the rapper about her passion for music, the new single and how her love for poetry makes her a better rapper.

You’re one of the biggest female rapper in the local music space but where did your initial passion for music begin?

My passion for music grew from when I was still doing poetry at age 11. I had my first poem published at the Poetry Institute of Africa but felt like my creativity was missing an element. I never saw myself as a strong singer but I loved to write and I loved music so merging them gave birth to my rap skills. At 16, I was participating in talent searches and showcases across the country. My family loved different kinds of music and that added to my craving for wanting to say more to society musically.

We are obsessed with your new single ‘Bozza’. Tell us a bit about the inspiration behind the track.

The single is an emerging township anthem which praises the locality of Hip Hop and what it’s become for young people – a form of self-expression. I was inspired by the township as well as its richness in culture. The video is inspired by the streets and the song is inspired by South African Hip Hop as a growing phenomenon.

You worked with Kwesta on the project. Collaborations are also a staple in the hip-hop space. Why do you think the genre relies so much on rappers coming together?

This is because the genre is still very young within the South African context. It is important that Hip Hop artists come together to really push through fans and joint initiatives collectively. I’m a fan of camaraderie in any field. Hip hop is one of the strongest in showing this.

You graduated at the top of your Media Studies class at WITS University. How has your degree helped you build your public persona and career?

Definitely. I am able to understand what my brand needs in terms of survival within media spectrum. I am also able to really delve into understand pivotal moments in relation to my brand. Anthropology also assisted in enriching my mind with new ideas in terms of society and culture.

You’re an avid lover of poetry and a poet yourself. How has this passion helped you craft songs?

I am really able to use this strength to captivate my audience by using words even before the music comes into play. Hip Hop is all about story telling and by poetic talent has helped me identify with those listening to my music.

What message do you want to send your fans when it comes to the music you release?

I want my fans to know that I have never changed. I can grow in terms of my music but I will never change in terms of my ideals – which is to embed the identity of young black people in whatever I do.

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