Local pop group Lonehill Estate made their highly-anticipated return to the local music space earlier this year with their new single ‘Doom Cookie’ and now, the group has premiered the track’s official music video.

Lonehill Estate are known for their quirky music videos and this one is no different. The group’s lead singer Nathan Ro creates his very own doom cookies as he gives fans a step-by-step guide on how to make delicious cinnamon and sugar cookies. Naturally, his own quirky flair is blended into the video which makes for a really entertaining watch.

“Doom Cookie is about wanting something you know is bad for you. As a type 1 diabetic, cookies are Nathan’s kryptonite,” the band says in a statement. “It can also happen with love. If you don’t love yourself enough you can find yourselves in a relationship that changes who you are. Don’t change, be you, respect yourself and the right person will fall into your lap. Then eat a cookie with them.”

‘Doom Cookie’ is available on all digital music platforms now.

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