You may remember Miss P from Black Motion’s smash hit ‘It’s You’ and after wowing audiences around the country with her contribution to the track, the star is now setting her sights on a solo career – and she’s just released her debut single.

Miss P just released a single titled ‘Ngwana Mosotho’ – a song about finding herself, staying true to her Sotho roots and passing that pride through the generations.

I’ve always wanted to do a Sesotho song and being in the studio that day I found its more than that. I went through self-discovery while writing the song and I actually got to understand me; know who am, where am from and where am going,” Miss P tells us of her debut single.

Sonically, the star steps into a new direction as she explores an Afro pop sound on the track – something different to what fans have heard her do before. “‘Ngwana Mosotho’ is completely different from ‘It’s You’ with Black Motion,” she says. “I love house music, it’s what introduced me to the industry but I wanted to do something totally different, a new sound, a new me.”

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