After the success of her incredible debut solo album ‘King Zamar’ back in 2017, South Africa’s new queen of dance music is back with her highly-anticipated second studio album ‘Monarch’. The album has already spawned the smash hits ‘Love Is Blind’ and the just-released second single ‘Sharp Shooter’ – and the new album is everything we hoped from the local superstar.

On the album title, the star says that “The Monarch butterfly is one of the biggest butterflies in the world and has a self-defence mechanism that makes it poisonous to predators – but it is also beautiful,” the songstress reveals. :What better way to display the multifaceted nature of being a person and a woman, than to name my album after this beautiful, fragile yet dangerous creature.”

The new album features 20 brand-new tracks which the star has been working on for over two years and the album has no features with exception of ‘Low Low’ – which features up-and-coming pop star Tellaman. The star adds that creating the album was an intricate process and that she had close to 900 song ideas which she eventually cut down to the 20 which made the album. She adds that she was in a very dark place when the album creation process started. “The first six months of recording ‘Monarch’, the songs were very dark and filled with sadness, and it took a lot to get out of that space. For this album to come to this point, it took a lot,” she says.

Lady Zamar adds that her plan on ‘Monarch’ was to release an album that was a more realistic portrayal of love. This is an album that tells a story that is complete, filled with the bad to the good to the ugly, to the confused and now being a fully-fledged member of her own committee,” she says. “It is not one-sided as ‘King Zamar’ was – only carrying one narrative – that love is blind. Monarch starts off with the song ‘This is Love’, which is a turbulent song, and within the entire album you hear that theme continues to reappear lyrically. That’s the theme that says life is not perfect but you have to appreciate the moments you that are in.”

Alongside the release, Lady Zamar premieres the album’s official second single ‘Sharp Shooter’. “Sharpshooter is one of my favourite songs! This is another reference to Greek mythology. Imagine if Cupid was not cute and innocent. What if he was an actual sniper, going around demolishing people with their arrows of love?” Lady Zamar asks in the song. “The person in the song is saying ‘Yeah I get that I’m supposed to be in love with this person because Cupid said so but Cupid is a mercenary and I am not about that life.’”

The album is out now in stores and on all major digital music platforms. Support local music and download or stream the album now.

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