Karabo Ntshweng raised a generation as one of the presenters on the popular kids entertainment block YoTV. These days, however, she works extensively in radio where she hones in her digital skills while presenting the 947 Bloc Party every Friday night between 7-10pm and every Saturday evening between 6-9pm. Naturally, Karabo will always have a place in her heart for TV and hasn’t ruled out a comeback.

When asked if she still has a passion for television, Karabo tells us that “I’ll always love TV. But, it was very important for me to get experience off screen and get extensive knowledge of the media business, which is definitely bigger than just TV.” However, while the star has racked up an impressive resume of on-air and behind-the-scenes experience, she hasn’t ruled out a presenting comeback. “My dream television comeback would definitely be something I would have a hand in creating – and something that involves a lot of travelling too!” Karabo explains.

Today, however, radio is Karabo’s safe haven. She has fallen in love with the medium’s ability to help her connect to her audience in a more intimate way and believes that’s why the medium is still so powerful today.

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In fact, the star approaches radio in a completely different way than she does her previous television jobs. “I think that while both are the same in the sense that you have to be yourself, in TV you have to pay attention to what you are wearing and what you look like whereas with radio it’s a lot more intimate and requires so much more depth,” Karabo explains. “I think that’s what I love about it most. I can get to studio wearing my PJs without my eyebrows fleeking and purely just be Karabo.”

Karabo adds that the connection she has with her audiences is something that keeps her passion for the medium alive. “My favourite thing about radio is realising how similar we all are and how many experiences we actually share,” she tells us. “We’re all different and extremely diverse (which I love about Joburg so much) but we really are the same in many ways. That’s the best thing about radio, you really get to know your audience.”

These days, Karabo is keeping herself incredibly busy but admits that should the perfect television opportunity arise, she would be excited about exploring her return. “I am currently busy completing my Honours Degree in Brand Strategic Communicatons at Vega. Between that, my 9-5 and radio, I’m pretty swamped. I am literally looking forward to graduation and seeing what magic I can create with the set of skills I’m currently arming myself with – be it in TV, radio or anywhere else. Oh, and staying happy and hydrated surrounded by the people that I love.”

Catch Karabo on the Bloc Party every Friday 7-10pm and Saturdays 6-9pm on 947.

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