While many of us know Alex Caige as the hilarious and witty radio presenter on 947’s Breakfast Club, not many know that while Alex loves the broadcasting industry, he is also wildly passionate about flying. The radio presenter started exploring his passion for aviation back in 2016 and has since put in the time and effort required to become a pilot.

“Growing up I had one of three career choices – become a radio presenter, a pilot or a Formula 1 driver. When I had enough cash to pay for my pilots’ licence, I went for it,” Alex tells us. “Everyone should set goals and dreams and go for them, that was one of mine and I can now say I did it.”

Naturally, Alex’s career as a pilot started off slowly but after a few years of hard work and determination, the star has taken his career to new heights and even participated in the nationals for aerodynamics late last month.

“I have no intention of leaving radio anytime soon but I really enjoy the flying,” Alex tells us. “So, I found something to keep me flying instead of going the commercial route – I found love in aerobatics. I’m an adrenaline junkie and there is probably no other rush that compares to flying a plane upside down or pulling 7G’s (that’ll make sense to anyone who understands speed).”

Being the type of person who is constantly working on his next goal, Alex has some exciting plans for his career as a pilot over the next few years. “I would like to do displays at airshows because I believe aerobatics in South Africa is one of the ways we can inspire youngsters to become pilots,” he tells us.

However, Alex also has a lot more planned for the next few months. “I’ve got one or two appearances on your TV coming soon, and I’ve also started my YouTube channel where I’ll be pushing out some seriously cool content and will also be giving subscribers the opportunity to be a part of it so go subscribe,” Alex says. “Besides that, I’ll obviously still be helping produce the best morning radio you’ve ever heard alongside Anele, Frankie, Thembekile and Cindy on the 947 Breakfast Club, every weekday between 6-9AM.”

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